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Dr. Jakeman Speaking Engagements

In his quest to help people achieve Healthier and Happier lives, Dr. Jakeman has devoted much of his life to communicating the lessons required to “Discover the Art of Living Well”.

There are sound principle and knowledge backed by science that will ensure a healthy and happy life, but only if you learn them and act upon them,
Dr Jakeman

He has spent years studying these and practicing them to help him personally to achieve some mastery in the Art of Living Well.

Then by sharing that knowledge and the experiences with others through lectures and speaking engagements Dr Jakeman has helped thousands of people to become better students in the Art of Living Well.

Dr Jakeman is always looking to spread the word, so if you, a club, organization, or business is looking for a speaker then Contact Dr Jakeman at or phone 604-522-1622.

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Dr Jakeman’s talks include topics such as:

  • Brain Fitness – Avoiding those Senior moments and Alzheimer’s
  • What to do with my Aging Body – Living beyond 100
  • You Don’t have to Diet to Lose Weight
  • Move Right to Live Right
  • Eat Right to Live Right
  • Think Right to Live Right and Achieve Sustained Change
  • Back to Life – Maintaining a Healthy Back

This is what two people had to say about Dr Jakeman

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“Thanks again for coming out to Dogwood Pavilion and presenting to our members. Your talk was well received in that we had a waiting list. The manager had many people complementing us on having you come and speak”  ~Lorraine, Activities Coordinator

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“By attending this series of lectures, I have learned how to easily make many positive changes in the way I live my life. Wayne presented a wealth of current information covering all aspects of living well. With a mixture of scientific facts and practical suggestions, I learned how to eat healthier, move with better posture, maximize my brain’s potential and develop more will power. All this was done in a fun and very positive, interactive environment. Be sure to take a notebook and pen because there is far too much great information to remember it all”.  ~Jack Duncan, Burnaby BC

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