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Regular Visits

Regular visits to Heritage Wellness Center

On the typical office visit, you will be greeted with a smile and when the doctor is ready to see you, the front desk staff will escort you to the treatment room. Dr. Jakeman prefers if you are lying face down on the table relaxing before he sees you. This facilitates a better adjustment for you.

The adjustment visit typically takes 5-7 minutes and then you can get on with your day. We recognize life is busy, so Dr. jakeman has refined his technique over the last 20 years so that he can be precise and efficient. Please note that if something unusual has happened prior to your visit, please let the front desk staff know when you call to book your appointment so they can give the doctor the heads up. It makes for a better flow in the office if we know in advance that we may need to schedule more time.

Sound interesting? Please contact our Burnaby chiropractic practice to make an appointment.

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