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Your First Visit to Our Burnaby Practice

front desk irene at heritage chiropractic

Irene Will Greet You When You Enter Heritage Chiropractic

This will be a very comfortable and caring experience, so relax. We ask that before you come, be prepared by thinking about what has brought you to this point in your life and what you would like to experience as a result of your future Chiropractic care. Most people can deal with their discomfort, but when it interrupts their ability to do the things they have to or love to do then they do something about it. This is usually when patients call our Burnaby chiropractic office.

So, after receiving the call and setting an appointment, head to the office, and you will receive a friendly greeting from the front desk staff who will ask you to fill out the appropriate paper work unless you already did it online. After that is done, the doctor will come out to meet you and take you to the examination room. You will both have a discussion about chiropractic and what brought you to the office, along with any stressors that have affected you throughout your life. The mental /emotional stressors will also be discussed, as these are the underlying cause of Subluxations.

Next, you will be asked to get into a gown that allows us to see and touch your back. The first examination procedure is with the Insight Millennium, which is a computerized technology that assesses the state of your Motor and Autonomic nerves as they exit your spine. It is painless but can be a little ticklish and cold (check this link for a brief video on the procedure). This is followed by a postural assessment and range of motion tests.

For the final part of the exam, you will be asked to lie down on the Chiropractic Table and the doctor will feel your spine and do a thorough Chiropractic examination. Once completed you can book your second visit, which is the Report of Findings when the doctor will tell you what he found. This should all be completed within 45 minutes of your arrival.

Sound interesting? Please contact our Burnaby chiropractic practice to make an appointment.

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