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Heritage Wellness Center Welcomes You!

Heritage Wellness Center New Westminster

Our New Westminster Chiropractic Office is Ready to See You!

Welcome to Heritage Wellness Center online. We serve patients with chiropractic care in the New Westminster, Surrey and Vancouver communities since 1993.

Dr. Wayne Jakeman and his dedicated staff provide patients with a soothing, comfortable environment each time they enter the New Westminster chiropractic office.

Dedicated To Your Health & Comfort

Whether you are a newcomer to chiropractic or have been going for years, there is no need to feel overwhelmed or anxious when you visit our chiropractic office. Instead, the relief of upcoming chiropractic care should be enough to make you excited for your appointment!

Dr. Jakeman is knowledgeable in a variety of chiropractic techniques, including torque release and Gonstead. These different techniques help Dr. Jakeman provide the best course of chiropractic treatment for each individual patient.

To learn which chiropractic technique is right for you, schedule your first visit at Heritage Wellness Center today.

Dr. Wayne Jakeman | New Westminster Chiropractor
Phone: (604) 522-1622

Serving New Westminster, Surrey and Vancouver communities.